Woodie Warrior Art

Woody Warriors were the most powerful of the Woodies. The were large brutes, made of a tree stump, with small arms and legs, a small head, and has large tusks. These Woodies carry a large Flail, which is there only weapon. They, like Woodie Shaman, wait for Tak to come to them. Then they will whip their flail twice, then whip it into the ground. This leaves the back of their stump, their weak spot, open for attack, as they pull the flail from the ground. First appearing in the Gloomleaf Arena, they typically appear alone, with usually several Woodie Tribesmen, and many times, a Woodie Shaman. Occasionally, there may be two or three Warriors at a time. After the events of Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams, they only appear in Mojo Mistake under the name of Hammer Woodies. Their appearance remains unchanged, but the can be attacked from the front now, as it is hard to get to their back.