The Sun Temple is a temple in Dryrock Canyon that Tlaloc hid a Moonstone in. After gaining the Amulet of the Champion, Tak hits a Gong in front of the Temple, opening a door, allowing the entrance to be made. The entire Temple is floating platforms, and overrun by Nerbils of all kinds. There are spots where the sun breaks through, however the hot ground hurts Tak. However, the jars of Oil can be thrown on the sun spots, which catches on fire. As the temple goes, it breaks off in many directions, and many different paths may be taken, but they all lead to a boss fight with Pins and Needles. Here, Tak must fight them with magic while riding on the Phoenix.




  • The area where Pins and Needles is fought can also be played as a Mini-Game in Tak 2 in the Dinky Temple.