Spirit Rattle
Tak and the spirit rattle
Tak swinging the Spirit Rattle.
Power Strong
Magical Abilities Juju Vision

Juju Powers

First Available Upper Tree Village (Shaman's Tree)

The Spirit Rattle was a powerful Weapon in Tak and the Power of Juju (Game). It was a magical weapon, made out of turtle shells, and held together by rope. The end of the Rattle even spit out bits of Magic. The Rattle was held by the Head Shaman of the Tree Village, and he kept the Rattle in his Tree. Anyone who held the Rattle would be granted Juju Vision, which means they could see things normally invisible, such as Yorbels and Tikis. Holders of the Spirit Rattle could also perform spells using Juju Powers, which were scattered throughout the lands. This would prove helpful for all who hold the Rattle.

Tak and the Power of JujuEdit

Tak is sent by Jibolba to meet the Shaman of the Tree Village, to ask for help. When Tak arrives, he realizes that the Shaman has been turned into a Sheep, and Tlaloc sent Pins & Needles to fight Tak. Tak must use Magic spread throughout the level to blow up Pins, and Needles' heads. After this, Tak gets the Spirit Rattle. This will replace Tak's Club. Tak is then sent to get 100 Yorbels, Lok's Spirit, and Juju Powers. In the final battle between Tlaloc and Tak, Tak uses the Rattle, and his Power of Juju, to finish off Tlaloc, and turns him into a sheep.

Later GamesEdit

Early in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams, the Mind-Reader Juju reveals that Lok had "borrowed" Tak's things. These would be revealed to be his staff, from the original game, among others. In the Dream Fortress, Lok is seen with the Rattle to fight off the Nightmare Creatures. In the final battle against Tlaloc, Lok will use the Spirit Rattle to fight. In the Dinky Temple extra in Tak 2, If Lok is chosen as the character to play, then he will use the Spirit Rattle. In Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, Lok no longer has the Rattle, instead sporting a Hammer, meaning he either lost it, or left it behind. But, he does use it in the Nintendo DS version of the same game as his default weapon.