Tak and the Power of Juju Summary :

'Zaria’s in Charge': Zaria takes control of the tribe and causes trouble for Jeera, but a plan to scare her backfires and she is taken to the Juju realm by Spider Juju.

Bad Luck’s Back: Tak is blamed for the tribe’s bad luck, but he learns it was all a scheme to tarnish his name.


'Zaria in Charge': It starts off with the Chief leaving the tribe for a while, and he is leaving Zaria in charge, and Jeera doesn’t like that. Zaria makes Jeera her slave, and makes her do all this ridiculous stuff. Tak and Jeera then run into the jungle to escape from Zaria. But, they take the wrong way and ed up with Zaria again. Zaria throws a "Temporary Chief" festival and Jeera is the mascot, in an embarrassing pig costume. Tak hen poofs her out of there next to him, where Jeera says Zaria is afraid of spiders. So, Tak summons Spider Juju, who puts Zaria in a web and takes her away. Tak and Jeera goes to where the Juju lives, and they look for Zaria. They get chased by spiders, and they run around the tunnels. They find that Zaria is ruler of the Spider Juju ream. They finally get Zaria to come back to the tribe. The Chief comes back, and reveals that the eldest daughter has to wear the pig costume.