Jeera art
Gender Female
First Appearance Tak and the Power of Juju (Television Series)
Parents The Chief

Unknown Mother

Sibling(s) Zaria
Romances Tak (possible)
Friends Tak


Jeera is the youngest daughter of the Chief, and Tak's friend in Tak and the Power of Juju (Television Series). She is a tomboy, similar to how Fauna was in the games. She is also the younger sister of Zaria, so Zaria is the next in line for the Chief, but Psychic Juju implies that she is not, so it is possible Jeera will be the next Chief. She usually is with Tak and Keeko, and will usually get in trouble with them both. Just like Tak and Keeko, she is still a kid, so she is immature, but appears to be more mature than the other two. She also has a pet Gratch. Jeera is voiced by Kari Whalgren.


Jeera is slightly smaller than Tak, but taller than Keeko. Jeera has freckles and wears slightly visible orange lipstick. She has messy Magenta hair and a green headband that ties on the side with a small ponytail in back. Jeera's tribe marks are on her right eye, her right arm, and her left leg. She wears a pinky and yellow flower (Possibly a Hibiscus.) in her hair that ties her whole look together. To show she's a free spirit, she wears a Cheetah(?)-printed mid-drift and a short green skirt.


Jeera likes to have fun and be free, so she dreads going to events and festivals with Chief and Zaria. Even though she's powerless, Jeera could hold her own in a fight. Whenever Tak does something or says something stupid, Jeera more often than not punches him in the arm. Some say it's a sign of affection. Jeera is the one who's always by Tak's side, which is odd seeing as how she mostly insults him rather than cheering him on. Jeera has a weakness for cute animals, like Hrumpyfrump Puppykins and Gratches. Jeera also has a habit of naming things, like her J-Runner "Sprinkle Whistle" and Navis the Gratch's almost-name, "Shimmer Lins".

Role in the Television SeriesEdit

In a nutshell, Jeera plays the role of the Tomboy/Best Female Friend/Possible Love Interest of Tak.