Burial Grounds 1

The Burial Ground is a large cemetery for the dead bodies of the people of the Pupanunu Village. According to Flora, all of the village's ancestors are laid here and watched over by the"Great Warrior King The level is full of spider webs and large animal (presumably dinosaur) bones, most of which can be climbed. Its first and only appearance has been in Tak and the Power of Juju, where Tak is sent to collect the King's staff, some Magical Nubu Plants, Yorbels, and eventually gain access to the Mummy Tombs with the help of a Juju.


In the first video game, Tak is sent here by Jibolba to get the mighty staff, and to also collect three Magical Nubu Plants that surround the area. Tak accesses the grounds by riding down the lift under the Village well. When Tak arrives, the place is overrun by Nerbils and Man-Eating Plant 1. To get through the first section, Tak must find the four Gold Teeth to place in the statues to open the door to the Mummy King. Once having done so, Tak meets with the King and obtains the staff. Tak then proceeds to find and collect the three plants. Tak leaves the grounds after accomplishing this.

Later, after receiving the Spirit Rattle, Tak comes back to collect Yorbels and find the Tiki to place in the shrine to summon Dead Juju. With the Juju's help, a new path to the Mummy Tombs is revealed, where Tak continues to work through the tombs and eventually the Spirit World to collect Lok's Spirit.